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424 W 54th St, NYC

Cybernetics: Or control and communication in the animal and the machine. — Norbert Wiener

The Cybernetics Conference will take up the subject of information and agency; bringing scholars, technicians, activists, and artists in dialogue to consider the ways informatic systems shape social organization.

How does the circulation of media materialize as social behavior? Cybernetics, the discipline Nam June Paik once described as the “exploration of boundary regions between and across various existing sciences,” offers a powerful framework for reasoning about the complexities of human–machine interaction.

This conference will ask how individuals and coalitions might develop strategies for situating themselves as effective agents of change within today’s complex information ecosystem. How might we move beyond a cybernetics of accelerated growth, and toward systems of interrelation predicated on cybernetic equilibria?



The Cybernetics Library

A temporary circulating cybernetics research library including contributions from the Reanimation Library, Wendy's Subway, Res, and Monoskop. Installed at Prime Produce from November 15-18.

Guests of the conference & viewers at home will participate in a live social simulation developed by Francis Tseng & Dan Taeyoung, bringing video streams and curated library materials into a shared virtual environment.

Conference Organizers

Cybernetics Librarian

Library Architect

Simulation Architect

Cybernetics Publisher

Production Managers

Cybernetics Artists


Prime Produce
The New Inquiry
Reanimation Library
Wendy's Subway
Glitch Textiles
Brooklyn Roasting Company

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Code of Conduct

Cybernetics Conference 2017 welcomes our guests of all gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, appearances, races, nationalities, and religions. The organizers seek to establish and support an inclusive atmosphere within all conference spaces, physical and virtual, and remain committed to community dialogue and engagement. In this spirit, the organizers ask that all attendees also commit to our inclusivity and anti-harassment policies, including during the conference proceedings and on social media. If participants engage in harassing behavior, the organizers retain the right to take actions required to keep the event welcoming for all participants. Participants engaging in harassing behavior will be expected to comply immediately and may face expulsion from the conference with no refund. For more information on conference inclusivity and anti-harassment policies, please review the Ada Initiative’s resource website.