The Cybernetics Library is an interdisciplinary browsing library that re-contextualizes the expansive history of cybernetic thought and practice. Unexpected connections between art, technology, and society are facilitated from a contemporary vantage. The Cybernetics Library collects and re-codes texts and ideas across various fields of inquiry in order to reposition cybernetics as a generative approach to understanding how we are embedded in pervasive technological systems. Furthermore, the library considers issues of ethics and bias within technological systems, asking how we might create possibilities to critique and affect those systems. The Cybernetics Library is structured as a collective organization that builds upon its members' wide-ranging research interests. Through its continually evolving collection and technological components, the library aims to generate feedback between publications, digital information, physical installations, and the readers themselves.

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ARCHIVE: Cybernetics Conference 2017

We are Charles Eppley, Sarah Hamerman, Sam Hart, David Hecht, Melanie Hoff, Dan Taeyoung.
We live at Prime Produce in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.
Contact us at at – We schedule research visits by appointment.